What is it about video game marriage that is such a beautiful and beneficial thing? Whether it be perks, achievements or general feelings of companionship and accomplishment, players have been gladly walking down the aisle since it became an official in-game option.

In Skyrim your spouse will run a ‘store’ and give you $100 a day from the proceeds. They cook special meals for you, and happily tend to your home. Also, when you sleep in the same house as them you benefit from the ‘Lovers Comfort’ perk (so long as you aren’t a werewolf).

After obtaining the Amulet of Mara and discussing your intentions with Maramal – a priest in the Temple of Mara – your character is free to propose to the suitable candidate of your choosing. There is no need for courting, however many of Skyrim’s candidates for marriages have a small pre-cursor to them being eligible; typically something quest-like in nature.

There are 62 male and female NPC candidates for marriage. Skyrim does not discriminate against same-gender marriages or inter-species unions. However, it should be noted there are currently no Khajiit or Bosmer marriage candidates at this time.

Both of my Skyrim characters have enjoyed the bliss of marriage, as well as many of the characters created by my friends. In no particular order, these are ten awesome candidates for your Skyrim  character to marry:


Together with her brother Lucan, they run the Riverwood Trader in Riverwood. She is of Imperial descent, and a non-essential character (meaning she can die). When we meet Camilla there are two men vying for her attention; Sven and Faendal. There is actually a small quest where you can assist one of them with getting further into her good books and tarnish the other. Upon your marriage to her, both men will still express feelings of affection for her. However, she will remain loyal to her spouse and never concede to either one.

She is eligible for marriage after completing The Golden Claw quest.


A Lycanthropic Nord and a member of the Companions Guild and The Circle. He is very close with his brother Vilkas, and is the stronger and kinder sibling. He is a trainer in heavy armor, and can be used as a follower when you join the Companions Guild. Eventually he can be cured of Lycanthropy, which is something he deeply desires after completion of the Companions Guild Quest Line.

He is eligible for marriage after completion of the Companions Guild Quest Line.


A true Nord living in Whiterun. She owns her own stall in the marketplace, and aspires to purchase local Inn/Bar The Bannered Mare. She is an essential character, and present in many quests. She spends her days tending her stall and casually wandering around town. She is a keen businesswoman who has been known to trade with the Khajiit. If you choose to marry her, an entire Khajiit caravan may attend the wedding.

She is eligible for marriage after completion of the Rare Gifts quest.


He is a Nord Blacksmith who owns The Scorched Hammer near the marketplace in Riften. He has an adult adopted son Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, who is also his apprentice. He is an expert trainer in Blacksmithing, and is capable of dying during a dragon attack or can be murdered by thieves. This may be viewed as a deterrent, but the benefits outweigh the risks and it is not a guarantee he will die, only a possibility.

He is eligible for marriage after bringing him 10 Fire Salts to fuel his forge.


A member of the Companions Guild and secretive Circle, this Lycanthropic Nord is both eligible for marriage AND to be a follower. While it is rumored that she is in a secret relationship with fellow guild member Skjor, Aela venomously denies it.  After completion of the Companions Quest Line she becomes a non-essential character, however is still very useful as a follower and trainer in archery. It should also be noted she cannot be cured of Lycanthropy.

She is eligible for marriage after completion of the Companions Guild Quest Line.


This Imperial Alchemist serves as a dedicated apprentice to his dying master Nurelion at The White Phial in Windhelm. He openly discusses how he originated from Cyrodiil, but came here to work under and learn from his famous master. After his masters imminent and unavoidable death, he takes over the shop.

He is eligible for marriage after completion of the White Phial questline.


A Dunmer and former alchemist, she now owns a nirnroot farm located in The Rift. She lives with her sister and pseudo-uncle. She is always an essential character. She also has more developed post-marriage dialogue making her seem a more passionate and devoted spouse.

She is eligible for marriage after bringing her 20 Jazbay Grapes.


A Lycanthropic Nord and a member of the Companions Guild and The Circle. Vilkas is a trainer in Two-Handed weaponry, and able to be used as a follower. He is very close with his brother Farkas, and is the smarter and more cynical brother. At first he doesn’t like the idea of you joining the Companions Guild, but eventually warms up to the idea. He shows remorse after wiping out enemy faction The Silver Hand, and is capable of being cured of Lycanthropy.

He is eligible for marriage after completing The Companions Guild Quest Line.


She is of Breton descent, and an apothecary assistant at The Hag’s Cure in Markarth. Muiri is of very shady origins and has strong connections with the Dark Brotherhood. In fact, if you try to destroy said guild she is no longer a candidate for marriage. If the owner of The Hag’s Cure passes away for whatever reason, she takes over the shop.

She is eligible for marriage after completion of her ‘contract’.


He is a male Argonian who spends his days working at the docks just outside of Windhelm. He is a trainer for the Light-Armor skill. He is a victim of racism, feeling he is underpaid compared to his Nord coworkers. He notably doesn’t possess any hatred for the Dumnar race, which is a common vibe among his people.  He is also notably kind hearted and helpful in nature.

He is eligible for marriage after talking to his boss about wage increases.

Just because these lucky ten were chosen for this article, doesn’t mean there is anything ‘less’ or ‘wrong’ with Skyrim’s other 52 candidates for marriage. Every wed-able NPC has their pros and cons. Only YOU know who is the most suitable spouse for your character ❤

*All images and factual based research from http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/The_Elder_Scrolls_Wiki

  1. jdh5153 says:

    Interesting list…I need to get back to Skyrim. I never got married…Heck I even bought Dawnguard one day one but never played it..I tried to but then I got distracted by a bunch of side quests I hadn’t done for about 5 hours…haha


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